Signature Capture/Barcode Scan styling

I have a particular use case for a client that I’ve been trying various different platforms for. The client needs to be able to capture signatures and scan barcodes for their delivery service and it has to work with their legacy systems. I’ve used React Native for a similar task before through Expo, which worked well but requires a lot of knowledge of the various moving parts.

After I contracted Covid-19 I was unable to work for several months and so my colleague suggested finding something that he could pick up and work with (we’re a small company and I’m the one who concentrates on fullstack JS development) so I’ve been evaluating low-code and no-code solutions that would let us keep on going as I recover. The presence of the signature capture and barcode/QR scanning logic in AppGyver is an excellent start… but there’s a couple of issues preventing me from recommending it at the moment.

Firstly, as outlined, two of the most import user interactions will be capturing signatures and scanning barcodes. Both components have buttons as part of their interfaces, but they have markedly different styling to each other, and the buttons created as part of my user interface. Can these be styled in some way for a uniform appearance? I know my client will bring that up in the first 30 seconds of a demo.

Secondly, capturing signatures works well, but the view is restricted in size. My client’s drivers use 8" Samsung tablets and whether in landscape or portrait mode the area for the signature is about 1.25" high, with the rest of the screen completely blank. Is there a way of changing the amount of space it will take, and to provide some content around it?

Thanks in advance!