Simple doubt: how check 2 differents checkboxes?

Is it possible to check two different checkboxes? (ex: Checkbox 1 and 2, when 1 or 2 is checked an icon is visible)

If i understand correct what you want to do, you can achieve this by binding both of the check box components with the same variable, so when one is checked the variable will change and then the other checkbox will show the same.

Of course you can.

Link the check box to the same variable (a Boolena I suggest) and for the icon in his property “Visible” you set the Boolean Variable.

So when you check any box it will change the boolean.

Yes I know that, but I didn’t want to use a variable, when I check a checkbox, I use the “Another component property or output value” to receive its value, I wanted to know if I could use this but with two components

yes, with variable I know, but I thought there would be another way, because I have to do it about 20 times, then I’ll have to have 20 variables

Basically what I’m trying to do is a way to check that the person has checked all the mandatory checkboxes before he clicks the send button.

oh i see what you mean i suspect it would work since you use it through functions, but i think the best would be to try it with an example. Otherwise you can at least use variables

I think… if the mandatories checkboxes represents diferrents concepts to validate before to send, each one has is own variable. In the “Visible” properties of the “send” button, add a logic with “Mandatory Variable One && Mandatory Variable Tow && …” to be true and see it.

Maybe someone has a better idea.

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An idea,

Use a single variable with type list. Set all to false, then update individually to true as ticked. Then for the visibility if the list contains false don´t show the icon.

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