Simple doubt how do I put the number of how many customers I have in the table

simple doubt how do I put the number of how many customers I have in the table.

and how can i filter clients in active in a formula


Assuming you’re pulling your data successfully into Appgyver via REST API and have populated a repeated list with said data:

  • You can count how many records you’ve pulled in and rendered in your list by dragging a text component onto your page canvas and binding its content with the following formula:
    IF(IS_EMPTY(data.yourDataVariable), "0", COUNT(data.yourDataVariable))

  • You can sort your records per-list by using the SELECT_BY_KEY formula.

  1. An example would be:
    SELECT_BY_KEY(data.GET_supportCenter, "type", "safety")

  2. This was our own formula for our app’s support center/FAQ documentation. All the records store a ‘key’ string field in the backend table for the ‘type’ of record it is, such as “user”, “safety”, and “account”. Here’s an example table from our Backend:

Depending on your customer types, you may use example terms like “repeat” or “new”.

  1. In Composer, we pull in all data with one API call and sort the specific types to multiple lists. So there’s one list for “safety” and one list for “account”. By applying the SELECT_BY_KEY formula as it is written above, we can make one list specifically sort the data for any topics on Safety.

Hope that helps.

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You can use the COUNT() formula in composer on a data variable populated with your firebase records.

To filter them, there are several ways. Either by retrieving with a firebase structured query or by using the SELECT() formula in composer. Something like

COUNT(SELECT(data.datavariable, item.fields.ativo.booleanValue == true))

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thank you, it worked very well