Simple formula writing difficulty

I’ve been trying to set up a Create Record backend with Airtable. The problem I run into is that my columns of interest ‘Activities’ and ‘Description’ fall under ‘fields’ (see the first image). I’m trying to write a formula, in the record properties, which mentions that these two columns can be found under ‘fields’ (see the first image for how the data is saved). I’ve tried to write it as “fields {Activity: Description:}” but this gives the error as in the second image. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to write this piece of formula?

The person in the following thread had the same problem, only the formula he used to fix it was not mentioned : Create record error 422 - #2 by Cecilia

Does anyone have an idea on how to write this formula, or another solution?
Thank you in advance.

@Thomas1 If you want to write the object as a formula, the correct format is {fields: {Activity: "activityname", Description: "description"}}. You can also use the “Object with properties” binding editor to bind the values one by one :slight_smile:

Dear Mari,
First of all, thank you so much for your response. That seems to be working. But now I want the values of Activity and Description not to be “activityname” and “description”, but rather a value the user puts into an input field. Lets say I have Input Field 1, and here I fill in “Biking”, and in Input Field 2 I fill in “Biking is fun”. How can I write the formula so that it takes the text in Input Field 1 as the value for Activity, instead of “activityname” and the text in Input Field 2 as the value for Description?

I’d love to hear from you,


Dear Mari,
I’m very glad and proud to say that I got it working!
I solved it by creating page variables and this formula: {fields: {Activity: pageVars.Input_component, Description: pageVars.Input_component_2}}.

Thank you so much for your help,


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