Simple JavaScript Error - Get Elements By Class Name

Hi I’m trying to use a JavaScript function to get elements of an HTML DOM element. I entered the code shown in the screenshot, based on the class name I got from the Chrome Inspector tool:

The issue I get is that when it runs on a page, it shows this error:

I’m confused why it’s giving me the error if I am calling the name correctly. Thanks for your help

I dont believe access to DOM elements is possible through the Javascript node.


Do you know any other way in App Gyver to call and edit DOM elements?

I don’t think there is a way from seeing similar posts about this before. Appgyver is isn’t built on HTML, it’s a React Native application.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish with calling and editing DOM elements? Maybe there is a way to do what you need with Composer’s tools? You can outline your goal and we will try to give you guidance on that!


So the biggest issue I have right now is the component blinking (the tap animation) when it’s tapped. I have a tappable component that shows/hides a floating menu, which spans the whole page. So every time a user touches the page or even scrolls, the whole page blinks like it’s being tapped, which is very distracting.

After looking through the Chrome inspector tool, I found that the component opacity briefly turns 0.2 when it’s being tapped, so I wanted to see if I could call the HTML DOM element and force it to keep opacity at 1, even when it’s being tapped.

Is there any way I could solve this? I’m out of options :frowning:

I was able to do a workaround for now where I put a duplicate transparent container on top to hide the tap animation