Simple javascript question

i want the result to be in the output to have it in a variable not in the log consol of google crome

what can i do or change ?

It could be something like the following:

return {result: result.visitorId}

You might want to use a variable in the beginning “response” to have something to assign the response to.

So add to the beggining:

let response as String;

And modify your fpPromise part:

.then(result => response=result.visitorId);

return {result: response}

I am a little bit unsure however, but you can try.

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Eh, this will not work. I mean… If you input a script into the custom javascript in Composer it will most likely not work out of the box.

To use this “plugin” or custom JS library we still have to wait a little bit… This might be possible later when the third-party plugins will be enabled (bet even then it might not work. As fingerprint JS doesn’t offer a React Native plugin.) So this is beyond the capabilities of Appgyver at the current state. :frowning:

Oh and a quick suggestion. Change your API key asap, and delete this, if You want to avoid bad people from using your subscription. :pray:

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Thanks lot for the explanation