Simple object search in images?

Is there a way to make an app that does simple 2D object search? I’m trying to locate or build a tool that could search the images of a particular historical manuscript for all a’s, b’s, c’s, etc. (And then it needs to save a mask of each result in its own image file without any loss of quality.) For example, I could feed it a sample a, b, c, etc, then it would find the matches.

At the moment, there’s unfortunately no client-side feature to do that in Composer Pro. What you could do is create an app that lets you take the pictures, and then post them to an outside API that would do the image recognition part of it. Or do you already have the pages scanned?

After we roll out our third-party plugin support (a few weeks away but coming), you could also see if there’s a React Native plugin to handle that (or order a custom-made one from any software developer skilled in React Native plugin development).

Thank you!

I have all the images necessary on my computer.

I read somewhere that javascript could be implemented in a custom way. Might that possibly be an option at this juncture?

The core thing here is the image recognition code, which is something that Composer Pro doesn’t provide, so I would look at some machine learning/image recognition SaaS services. I’d imagine there’s some pretty highly productized services where you could just upload your images and the service would do their magic, though you might need to train the machine learning model to work with your specific source material.