Simple way to share an image

I’m using the component Take Photo to create a local image. I’d love for the user to be able to share it with email or text, but the Native Share feature only supports text. Any ideas on how to make this happen? I tried to open the path as a URL or to open it in the browser, with and without “file:///”.

Here’s the screen I am sharing from:

And I’ve tried these things:

You will need to upload it somewhere and share the URL

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Ugh. I was afraid of that.

Thank you, John, for a quick response.

Hi John. Sorry to keep bothering you with questions. If I could sync the files to the users Google Drive it would also accomplish the goal. These are private files, so I don’t want to send them to a backend. I’m familiar with OAuth and Rest API, but I’m curious if anyone has connected an Appgyver app and Google Drive before.

I would suggest using a database, where all the pictures get uploaded on.

you could also use firebase storage and use strict rules for read and write.

Thank you Tijs and Dimos. Based on your ideas, I am looking into a way for users’ photos to pass through a back end (briefly) and sync to the users’ Google Drive. The outcomes for the users are:

  1. It’s really simple and easy for them to get to their images
  2. There images are very secure and are only on my server for a few seconds

Thank you!

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After a lot of R&D and trying to do it in the JS Flow Function, I realize you are right. :slight_smile: I’m building a backend in Bubble now. There’s a ton of supported plugins with good tutorials to do exactly what I want to do. Thank you!

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hi. Haw did you send a photo to google drive. Can you send more specific directions. Best regards Adam.