Single GET-Request with Filter don't work

I have a Postman GET request with a filter that is running fine,
I’m trying to implement it in AppGyver.
Unfortunately, I always get an error with the request.
The collection query, on the other hand, works perfectly.
If I use the HTTP node in AppGyver, it also works perfectly, but I don’t know how to get to individual transmitted values.
Where is my thinking error with the single GET query?

As you can see in the Postman, response returns in [brackets] which means, it’s returning as a list. Apparently AppGyver can’t read it to form a schema. I’m not a backend developer but maybe you can solve it by adding a response key path?

Hello Atakan.
Thank you for your post.
This gives me an idea where the problem is.
I solved the problem, using the GET-Collection instead single GET.
Now i got a schema to working on.