Single Sign On with Active Directory

Hi - Please someone let me know what options there are for organisations who want an app to have single sign on with Active Directory? or what other Organisation Single Sign On options are?


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We’ve got an OAuth flow function coming up soon, which will enable you to set up Azure AD auth too, which of course requires a bit of work on Azure side too to set up, but should work pretty much out of the box after that.

We essentially support any SSO that has an Internet API for authentication, just like a regular React Native app would. If you are interested in turn-key examples for your specific needs, you can contact our services team at for more information.

I would also highly appreciate a documention piece about how to integrate Azure B2C with Appgyver.

We just started building first things with AppGyver. We see great potential for our use cases in our company. For us, unfortunately, an important point is the login via Azure AD and we can not find anything about OAuth flows. Does the SAP BTP Version of AppGyver has any differences to the public one? We’re currently playing with both and can’t find differences, except the project listing.

Currently the differences between BTP version and Community version is that BTP version has release management and translation variables available, but there will be more in the future. Azure AD would be something that we would look to enabling via our backend offering coming to the BTP version, planned for Q1/2022.

Hi Mevi, we also have the need to integrate with Azure AD B2C as an IdP for our apps. Is there such a functionality available to AppGyver and if so, is there any documentation on how to use it?

If this is part of the paid offering, just let me know so as to make the necessary arrangements to pay the subscription.

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Hi! Sorry for the belated answer due to the summer vacations – we don’t at the moment have the features you would need, although they are on our road map at some point, so you’d need a third party solution for that.