Size of App in AppStore/GoogleStore

Hi again :slight_smile: My app has many, many pages - over 200 at this stage - all text and only 2 images - how can I find out how big the app will be for users to download? I live in a country where data is hugely expensive and I need to keep the size down. Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Click Launch and Distribute. Do a dummy Android build, then you have the size. That said, text is easily compressible, so its unlikely to be many MB. What data costs are you facing? Do you expect people to download on mobile data or when home on wifi?

Hi Phil, thanks for the reply - much appreciation. I am in South Africa where download speeds are not like the US or Europe and data is expensive. Most of my audience would be older folks on fixed incomes and with limited tech knowledge - I would imagine the split between WIFI and mobile data would be 50/50. Thanks again!!

The amount of pages you have makes me worry you’ve just made every page separately and put text in a static way on each page instead of dynamically loading data onto a page, which would have saved you a lot of work and would have kept the app size smaller :disappointed_relieved: But I understand you’re so far along into your app that redoing that part is probably going to be too much work for you.

For the future, you can use “dynamic data” without getting it from a backend – I tend to use the app launched event on the Global Canvas to set app variable(s) that I use across the app. If you want to learn more about this, see first this video and then perhaps further material here :slight_smile:

I think your comment on the design pinpoints an area where some more tutorials might help some people. Having the tools to build an app doesn´t help with the planning to make efficient use of resources, variables etc.

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Thank you very much - I will certainly look into it. I think I’ve come to a decision to launch the app on the Google store (cheaper to begin with) and see how it performs. If it loads well and there are no issues, I’ll load to Apple. In the meantime I will develop the skills needed and re-do the entire App in a more efficient manner - well, that’s where my thinking is today :grinning:

Thanks Phil. I have to admit that having created a number of websites (all without ever having to code), I did think that I would easily jump into a “no coding” App programme without much problem. However, App development is undoubtedly a speciality that requires the user to know “more” than the basics. I have tried to find basic tutorials on this and I have to say that they all start from a knowledge base higher than most older people would have. I think coding is taught in most schools today, so this is a an old lady problem :rofl:

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I love AppGyver, but I don´t think its the entry level no-code solution. Its amazing flexibility directly means that there are lots of options to choose from and many ways to structure an app.

Having got as far as you have though, you might as well persist. Is your app published or in some way publicly available? You would probably get some good tips if you were able to share it.