Slider not reflecting the slider value?

I’m using a slider component on a page; The slider value is assigned to a global app variable. When I switch to a different page of the app and then come back to the page with the slider the slider does not move to the value. Is there a way to “force” to the slider to the value or it is a bug?

go to a different page
come back to the page with the slider

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Are you binding the slider to an app variable or a page variable?

As described this is a global app variable.

Sorry, I missed that. This works for me, so really not sure.

Have you looked in debugger? Go onto the page, set it to say 9, verify that the variable reflects this, leave the page, check the variable´s value, then go back to the page and check again.

Also, how are you navigating away from and back to the page? Using open page or replace page?