Slow launch of application


I created a simple application with just one image and 5 list items. I built apk and installed it on my phone (Motorola One). It takes 11.5 seconds to launch the app. Is it normal time for AppGyver or am I doing something wrong?

Is the load time similar on the AppGyver Preview app (you can download it from Google Play)? That doesn’t sound normal. I would probably adjust the logic for fetching the data on the logic canvas for the data variable so that the delay would be shorter if the value of the data variable is null (via formula).

There is no data fetching at all. It’s just an image and few lines of texts at this point. And just to be clear - when I say “launch of application” I mean when I can see the first page (so after splash screen and after screen with spinner). I tried also “Voima Gold” application from the AppGyver video and it takes 16 seconds (!) to see the first page on my phone. Other applications can start much faster.

In that case it’s a general performance issue, which is worse for less performant devices. In general, the second and future opens of the (build service built) app should be much quicker than the first. Also we have a lot of general performance improvements coming up in the 2.X runtime, so it should improve as a whole once that is ready for public release. Meanwhile, while you develop remember to use the Preview app instead of building a standalone via Build Service to speed up development. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

I have the same problem. All applications i’m creating are taking too much time to launch.
10 to 20 seconds.
is there a simple solution to this problem?
Or when will you launch the 2.X runtime?

Ive noticed this too. Right after the splash screen the spinner appears for more than a few seconds before the initial page of the app is displayed. It’s like it’s trying to make remote connections to something before it will load.

2.X runtime is now available for trying, hopefully this would help. And the loading should be a lot quicker on a standalone build than when viewing from the AppGyver preview app, as the preview app has to “fetch” the app’s information which for a standalone build is included in the code :slight_smile: