Sluggish App Performance

I’ve got an app with a repeated container that is backed by an array. Click events in the repeated item change the relevant objects in the array by using MAP. My issue is that it seems really slow - I’ve not built it yet - so I’m judging in the simulator - but I don’t see why it should be different. What can i do to speed it up?

This is something that will get drastically improved by the upcoming new runtime, which shouldn’t take long now, but there might be code-level improvements to do also. I assume this is the same app you’ve been working on? What page exactly?

Yea - same app, Enter JuryRank (page 11)… (I’m sure you’ll be appalled by the cackhanded way i’ve implemented what I’m doing - but hey!)

Looks like you swapped the array to hardcoded 10 dropdown components for now? That should at least fix the performance issues. Is it alright now?

I’ve moved on from that too - no drop downs at all - but there is still a lot of iterating though arrays which makes things quite slow!