SMS text messaging?

Is there any way to access SMS text messaging? Im wanting to add a Share feature to allow users to share my app with their contacts, by letting them select a contact and populate the message with links to either the play store or app store. Is this possible?

Hi! Sorry for the super late answer – currently as far as I know we don’t have a feature available that would be able to send SMS messages. It would probably be possible once we have the third party plugins feature enabled.

Actuslly there is. You can open url:sms
But thanks for responding


Hi, I want to do the same, Can you explain it in detail?

Use the “Open URL” flow function. For the URL value put: “sms:(phone #)”

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Thank you for your reply. I’ll try it.

Is there a way to have a subject and body as part of this? I got it to work where it will open my messaging app and open to a text for that number but you have to type the message out.