Snow spinner until webview has loaded content

Is there any way to show a spinner until a webview has loaded content (I have a webview showing youtube videos, but it takes a little while to load/render the content and while that is happening it just looks like it’s not working…


Are you using logic flows to set up the html content for the webview? If you are, then you could create a page variable loading which is set to true, and at the end of the logic flow use set page variable to set it to false. The you can add a spinner component and binds its visibility to the variable, so its showing when the content is loading and then should disappear.

I’m afraid that the url is just pulled from a variable fully formed! It’s a YouTube link and it just takes time to actually render in the webview and while it does, it’s just blank, which makes it look like nothing is happening…

Hi, is there a way to show the spinner util the content is loaded if the link is a static text?


There’s no feature like this in the webview currently unfortunately :confused: