[solved] Animate Component no longer working

I was using the animate component block.
This was working fine and I have not touched my app for approx. 3 Weeks over the holidays.

I have now updated the components and had to tweak a lot to make it work again.

Now everything works again - with the exception of “animate component”. I want to make an Icon wobble and later pulse, but this is no longer happening.

Cheers and merry christmas and a happy new year to everybody.

Works -

it is not working in the appgyver preview app - I built an Android APK and using this the animation is working.

I also build a web, it is working on web as well, but not in App Preview.

Cheers and happy new year.

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Thanks for reporting this, Tobias, and happy New Year! If you run into other similar issues, you can use the AG Legend app to access the old runtime.