[SOLVED] Buttons at bottom

Hello everyone, im trying to perfom the following steps

but it is not working for me as shown on the following image. Does anybody knows what I am doind wrong here, please?

Set your Page Layout → Advanced → Stretch To Viewport Height

Thanks dude, it kinda works, but now when I click in “absolute” the container gets messy to the right, like shown above (the container settings are its standards). Any one suggestion, dude?

set the Row width = 100%
Check that you dont have margins or padding set

Hey, dude, thank you so much for your attention, but unfortunately i checked it. Row width is = 100% already and there is not margins or paddings above 0

Check the Padding on the Page Layout

padding = 8, but the values are locked (cant be changed).

You can change those if you press that blue bind icon, then select Custom Value or Component Default Value, either one can set those to 0

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[SOLVED] it works! thank you so much for all of your attention, dude! God bless you!

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