[SOLVED] How do you display only list of items with UID field = Current User UID?

Hello everyone! I always appreciate the community for all the helps.

I’m trying to display only the items in the container list that has the same UID value as Current User UID.

Here’s my Firestore DB setup.

  • Collection: MindfulnessItem
  • Document: ID
  • Fields: Category, ItemName, UID

I’m showing the UID of the current user to make sure that this UID matches with the record in the DB.


In the “Repeat with” for the container list, I used the SELECT function.
=> SELECT(data.MindfulnessCollection, data.MindfulnessSingleData.UID == appVars.UID)

It is not returning any value back to me. Would you advise me if I’m using the wrong function or wrong list in the formula?


Rewrite this formula to

SELECT(data.MindfulnessCollection, item.UID==appVars.UID)

There are a few formulas that refer to their inputs as “item” or any other alias that you call it. For them please read more on the official Documentation.

This absolutely worked! Thank you so much!


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