[SOLVED] How to get the day of a specific date?

Thanks to @Entick and @Fred_Kuzyk ! The solution was to use

Hello everyone! I would like to learn how to get the day of a specific date.
For example, I can use NOW(“ddd”) to get today’s day.
If today is 2023-02-07 (Feb 7th, 2023), I will get “Tue” from the above function.

If I would like to know which day was 2023-02-01 (Feb 1st, 2023), what function do you suggest using? I went through the AppGyver documentation on dates and couldn’t find one that gives the day of a specific date.

Use GET DATETIME COMPONENT and specify “day” as a criteria, maybe in conjunction with another formula.
I can’t access the docs for verification, the site is crashed.

Hello Fred - thanks for the suggestion. I tried the GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT and it did not accept “Day” nor “ddd” :frowning:


Use FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL or FORMAT_DATETIME_WITH_TIMEZONE. I think this is the simplest way to do that. But as you see, you need to add “T00:00:00Z” to get right value.


Thanks @Entick ! This worked for my project. :slight_smile: