[SOLVED] Logic > Utility > IF Condition Question

Hello Everyone!

I would like to direct users to a specific page of the book based on the Part, Chapter, and Section they selected.

I created a button and added IF Condition utility. When I have two conditions with &&, the button works. But when I have three conditions, the button doesn’t.
Ex) pageVars.Part == “3” && pageVars.Chapter == “1”
→ This brings me to a page that I set as part 03, chapter 01, section 01

Ex) pageVars.Part == “3” && pageVars.Chapter == “1” && pageVars.Section == “2”
→ Button doesn’t take me anywhere.


Is there a rule where I cannot have three AND && conditions?


I’m sorry everyone - I just learned that I did not set “selected value” property for Section dropdown :(. SOLVED!