Some icon becoming square / disappear


I just bought a new gaming laptop. However, when I’m opening AppGyver composer with the new laptop, no matter what browser I’m using, some of the icons are becoming an empty square or simply disappear

This becomes annoying as I cannot actually see the proper layout of my app when editing.

Please help. Thank you

I’ve also submitted a bug report at the tracker here: Some icon becoming square / disappear | Voters | AppGyver

the icons across the top are SVG, but the ones not displaying correctly are Font Awesome icons.

this link will help with the inspector: Sources panel overview - Chrome Developers

you can see my system is loading the font awesome files. your screen should look similar:

Maybe the cache is messed up.
You didn’t say which OS and which browser you are using, so google the appropriate instructions for
"clearing browser cache " and then the OS and/or browser you use


Apparently yes, the issue is due to the font-awesome. Where the is not found

I tried different browsers:

Google Chrome: Do not appear for both normal mode and incognito
Google Chrome Canary: Appear in normal mode. Do not appear in incognito
Edge: Do not appear

I tried clearing cache in Google Chrome and after closing down and logging in again, it still doesn’t work

Most of the solutions that I found online is mostly for the developer side. Is there anything that I can do from my side?

Note: This one is from Google Chrome Canary

Note: This one is from Google Chrome