Some of AppGyver questions


I have some questions for AppGyver.

  1. Can I check the data by connecting to the MS-SQL DB server through the free version of the AppGyver?

  2. Can AppGyver connect to any system through the open data protocol interface and REST API or specific connector in SAP BTP?

  3. After installing the AppGyver development tool on a personal PC, it seems that local to develop and build are all completed. Is it okay if I don’t need a Cloud Server for separate storage/deployment?

Waiting for your help.


  1. You’ll have to have some sort of API in front of the SQL server. Connecting to a database directly from clients might be technically possible, but is not a good idea.

  2. You can easily connect to REST and oData APIs, and generally anything that returns JSON. You can make arbitrary HTTP requests as well if your use case doesn’t fit those, but it’s more complicated and involved.

  3. The AppGyver editor is a web application that you use to make web / mobile / desktop client applications. So you don’t need to have any server component unless your use case requires it. For storing data on the client, you might want to look at the On-device storage data resource type. As for distributing your application, you get the binaries from AppGyver and you can then host or distribute those in the way you wish (app stores / web server / MDM / etc).


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