Something changed in recent update now all my containers are fully round?

What is going on? All of the containers I had set to static numbers are now fully round???

If there is a lot, you can enter themes and set it up again. Notice what the round components were and set them to 0.

If one day you are going to add a component and give it roundness, it does not affect anything with this configuration, since this configuration is only to leave default value.

When making your changes, don’t forget to reload the page again to take effect.

If it’s just a few round containers, you can make them normal each in styles.

This example is if you handle multiple containers and it’s easier for me to change them all from here.

No matter what I do, all my containers are staying fully round. I have tried changing the settings back every way possible.

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What I mean is to change the parameters of the pencil icon. But if you say it’s still the same, you should open a ticker, commenting on what’s happening to it. In my case I tried again and changing everything if it works with normal. Greetings and may you be well.