Something has randomly changed which has cause http requests to stop working

Http requests were working fine in my app for months. Now, all of the sudden they stopped working. Nothing has changed except appgyver has released new updates which I have not used because I want to keep the old runtime as long as possible. Is there any way to prevent using any changes in order to keep a consistent runtime development environment?

I was happy with 3.3.5 but you need 4.x.x to publish on app store now, so I´m now planning to sit on that version for as long as possible.

Good luck finding the offending code / flow that now doesn´t work.

What I would really like is the ability to use debug on a compiled app rather than just via preview which is quite different. There should be some flow function that we can put on the global page which automatically starts the debugger. Then dianosis would be so much easier.

We need to make our own app store

I think there are already plenty of alternatives.

I mean one made especially for appgyver apps.

We could start an ad network which can be used by rest.

A shared payment system.

A game engine.

A component and app related data services market specifically geared toward appgyvers unique requirements.