Sort and Filter not working on recycler view

Sort and filter doesn’t work when using recycler view. I reported it,

Hi there

Sorting and filtering doesn’t work for me inside the recycler bin too. Outside it works. Ticket tracker did not progress on this since December.

Any workaround found on this? When putting sorting and filtering outside the recycler bin the loading takes forever. So I kind of need the bin.


Sorry for the late response, I did not so I just used a regular scroll view

@Donnico_Miller thanks for the answer.

the regular scroll view is no option for me. It takes 10-20 seconds until I get a result. Looks like the issue is not getting addressed properly.

Maybe any help from you @Mevi ?

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Please tell me if you find a solution

What is in this case meant by “sort and filter”? I ran a test with using SELECT and ORDER formulas for the repeating component inside recycler view, and they worked perfectly. Has this been solved for you as well? Commenting also on the canny ticket.