Spaces in list after filtering

Hello everyone. I’m new with appgyver but not I’m low code apps. I’m facing a issue in my repeat after filtering data to my list. For some reason the results in the list after applying the filtering doesn’t look like its supposed to.
This is the image before writing anything in the filter.

This is after.

Is this the formula or any setting in the UI that has to be made?
I’m still learning the platform. Any help would be great. Thanks

Why do you have three empty fields below “leek” in your before screenshot?

this fields a not empty. They are just not showing the values right now. But they have other information. Do you think that is the case? Still when I use the filter the way the repeater shows the data is weird. Its not supposed to have all that space between the items.

I’m gonna try fill the values to see what happens

I just changed the data and still same problem. Now I don’t have empty fields in data anymore

You can see that between mc2 ad mc5 there is a larger space comparing with mc1 and mc2.

Looks like when the filter is applied the data that is not supposed to show
make this kind of extra space. I dont know… i looks weird in the after picture above when one data is at the top of the list and other data is at the bottom of the list.

Most likely it is due to the repeat trying to show “invisible” fields #3 and #4 (Mc 1 and Mc 2).
When you result shows one field, 3 fields remain to be shown, hence the larger empty space. When your result shows 2 fields, 2 remaining fields are trying to be displayed somehow. Something wrong in your repeat setup.

Like I said at the top … I changed the database so now there is no empty space anymore. I check the formula and I dont see anything wrong.

The visible formula is this:

CONTAINS(LOWERCASE(repeated.current.Nome), LOWERCASE(pageVars.nameFilter)) && CONTAINS(repeated.current.state, pageVars.stateFilter ) && CONTAINS(repeated.current.City, pageVars.cityFilter)

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I end up fixing the problem on my own. I realized that I was using the the visible list item instead of using the container where the repeat is. So all I did was set the formula to the right place and worked perfect.