Special Characters in Object Key Name for Dropbox Upload API


As the title suggests, I am trying to build an app where user can upload pictures/files from the app and it will be stored on their dropbox account. I got stuck at the very beginning and googling / searching the forum did not help me.

The dropbox API requires a header as below:

header “Dropbox-API-Arg: {"autorename":false,"mode":"add","mute":false,"path":"/Homework/math/Matrices.txt","strict_conflict":false}”

The problem is that the part highlighted in bold is the key name and it has special characters (" - ") which is not accepted by appgyver in the custom schema properties for POST . Any ideas on a workaround for it?

I think you are mixing up schema property with header key. This Dropbox-API-Arg should go into header key and this is it’s value {“autorename”:false,“mode”:“add”,“mute”:false,“path”:“/Homework/math/Matrices.txt”,“strict_conflict”:false}


I could be wrong but I think dropbox-API-arg is an object and these are keys-values inside that object. Otherwise, how will we define the path while calling the api?

Knock knock?

Still looking for solutions.