Splash screen freeze or crash, possibly due to flow functions on App launched

I have the following flow for App launched. My desired end result is that I need an appid (which is a uinque id identifying the device) and a notificationid (which I get from firebase).

On initial launch neither will exist so I want to get them and put them into long term storage as well as set them as an app variable so I can use them later.
Once they have been created, I don’t want to generate or hit firebase anymore, I just want to pull them out of storage.
Regardless, as the app is launched and both appid and notificationid are available, I send them to my server to make sure the site is aware of the device and can send notifications to it at a later date.

Do I need better error checking in this process? Or do I need to throw a delay loop in here somewhere?

I have been unable to reproduce it except for a single person using the app. EVERY time he launches the app it either hangs on the splash screen and doesn’t continue OR he gets an error message that says “Critical Error Occured !” (screenshots of that below)

That debugging is so cryptic only AG team could decode it. With no loops present in your flow, not sure this is your fault or something you can fix. If you can give this user a special build, perhaps adding toasts at each step in the flow to figure out where it’s getting stuck. Crude, but…