Splash screen help

I am beginner here and I do not know much about AppGyver and how everything works, but at the beginning I would like to find out how to make splash screen for Iphone app. I could not to find any documentation for that.

Is there any tutorial how to make full screen splash screen without navigation at the bottom and title on top ?

Currently the only way you can do this is on ā€˜export build settingsā€™ when setting up icons for the app.
(At least in my knowledge. If anyone else knows a method please correct me)

Edvin, Thank you for tip!..I make some experiments now with time delay trying to achieve that what I wantā€¦Because I can not believe that is not possibleā€¦There is no sense to have app without logo intro before opens home pageā€¦

I will check that with build options you mentioned, even I do not know at the moment how that works because as I mentioned before I just started to explore AppGyverā€¦


Hello @David! In Composer, the splash screen is one of the final things that you add when the rest of your app is already done, and you are ready to build it into a version that you will distribute to App Store / Google Play Store. When you are still building and testing your app, there wonā€™t be any splash screen visible, but it will be added to the final app when you create a build in the Build Service. You can find more information in the Build Service part of the docmentation. :slight_smile:

Hi Mariā€¦Thank you for your time and effort explaining me things I asked before!..I could to manage to make it probably strange way as Harri_Sarsa explained in one postā€¦

Building a Launch Screen?

And now my splash screen works but I have another problemā€¦In navigation menu I have icon of that splash screen pageā€¦It is not enabled, I mean nothing happened when I click but it is still thereā€¦

Mari, please just tell me how I can add one splash screen at the end, I mean if I follow your advice and add it at the end?..What is procedure to add it at the end?


Launch ā†’ Distribute ā†’ Open build service


Configure build

Image assets ā†’ Launch screens

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So, it means that I do not need to waste my time now with splash screenā€¦I understand now how it works, but I have just one last question?..Should splash/launch screen be just png file, I mean I do not need to build extra page for thatā€¦How much I could to understand it looks like that?

Thank you once again for your assistance, I appreciate it very much!


Exactly, itā€™s just a png! You can find more info about the screen sizes etc in the documentation :slight_smile:

Mari, thank you very much for all informations you provided to me!


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Hey David, maybe you want this: you dont set a png screen on build screen BUT the first page of your app has a lifetime of x seconds then opens another page for example see attached picture

Hi Edvin, I tested your way but it does not work just because splash screen is not full screen, it has navigation header and navigation menuā€¦Only possible way is to add third part authentication and then to use dismiss initial view and to use splash screen as initial view in authenticationā€¦You can see in my attachmentā€¦

Thank you for trying to help me!..I appreciate it much!


By the way I want to ask you if you maybe know how to view current location in embedded map view?..I tried many times but it just shows country but not exact current locationā€¦

Thank you once again!


Personally I donā€™t use stock navigation atm because it lacks some features. Iā€™m waiting for the new release which will be available soon.
The method I told you works on custom navbar and stretch to viewport & disable scroll enabled.

As for location, maybe you need to search a bit more on this forum because Iā€™m not very familiar with it as it has a few bugs atm and I couldnā€™t make it work for what I wanted it to do. Sorry

Edvin, never mindā€¦Anyway I have to read documentation because all of this is new for meā€¦

Thank you for your time and effort trying to help me!

Best regardsā€¦

Youā€™re welcome. Iā€™m new as well on this platform (coming from a worse platform) and this seems very powerful and promising. Of course it has bugs and new features are needed but this forum and team members are always here replying and fixing thingsā€¦for FREE! :slight_smile: