SPLIT function question

I’m a newby experimenting with Appgyver. I have a page variable named “hms”. It is a text type. I store a value in it as digits separated by periods representing hours, minutes and seconds, like this: 1.12.2 (one hour, 12 minutes and 2 seconds).

I want to split it into its parts and display in a text field. SPLIT(pageVars.hms,".") does not work. The formula that I got to work is STRING(SPLIT(STRING(pageVars.hms),"."))

I don’t understand (1) why SPLIT(pageVars.hms,".") does not work, and (2) why pageVars must be “converted” to a string with the inner STRING function (since it is already a text type variable and STRING converts items to strings). [The answer to (1) probably explains (2)].

Other than that, I believe I understand why this formula works. (The outer STRING function is required because Appgyver will not “natively” convert a list to a string.)

Just curious as to why the inner STRING function is required to “convert” a text variable to text. It seems that STRING(SPLIT(STRING(pageVars.hms),".")) is an awfully clumsy way to accomplish the task when a simple SPLIT(pageVars.hms,".") should work.