Square App Icon

Does anybody know why the App Icon of my apps made with Appgyver on my Android device are square? Is there a setting or something for Google Play to round the corners like every other app on my phone? Does anybody else experience this?

Last I checked, that process is not manual – or maybe just with iOS. Same thing with favicons (icons in tabs) in my experience on desktop browsers. You can try manually by uploading a square app icon into some image modification software like vectr.com, Photoshop, or GIMP and adding rounded edges, saving it as a PNG with a transparent background, and then retry uploading it as your app icon?

That, from my perspective, is what I would do. :thinking:

I didnt want to have to do it manually with a transparenty PNG, i assumed Google/Android was rounding corners automatically on its own since every single app icon on my device is rounded exactly the same.

Hmm, that may or may not be a limitation of Appgyver itself – a bit of custom code (CSS or something like it) may be used in more traditional app-building methods attached directly to the icon, something which isn’t supported in AG.

That said, there is probably an “official” radius degree recommendation on the web that every app dev is encouraged to use for icon appearance consistency on a mobile phone’s home screen. I’m not sure whether Google enforces it or if you can just eyeball it with your best guess should you choose to do it manually.