SSL error: The certificate authority is not trusted

I have created 3 applications using AppGyver’s platform. Basically, they are using WebView, to enable access to websites. A couple days (weeks) ago, without doing any changes to my applications, WebView stopped working.

One application is displaying a blank page, at the second I got the following error message: "Error loading page Domain: undefined Error code: 3 Description: SSL error: The certificate authority is not trusted. The third application is working just fine.

All three websites are using valid security certificates from Let’s Encrypt, and are displaying just fine in a laptop’s web browser. However, in the mobile device’s browser I get the “Your connection is not private” error.

My question is, at what certificate authority is the error message referring to? And what can I do, in order to fix this issue?

Your help is greatly appreciated,

Hi @geotrekking, thanks for letting us know. Could you share where this is happening so we can investigate the root cause? (you can send me a private message if some login info etc. is needed to view them).

  1. website:
  2. website:
  3. website:

No login necessary to see the error. Do you need the AppGyver ids?

Thanks! The IDs will help if some further investigation in the project is needed. If you use the preview app to look at any of the projects, is the webview working correctly?

I am using the preview application, but it is the same there too. I have received feedback from my users, my apps are working. So, it looks like it is only me. Maybe only my mobile device (a Samsung Galaxy Tab A6) can’t recognize the security certificates. I have updated my initial question, two of my websites are showing a Your connection is not private error in the mobile device’s browser. So, it must be my mobile device.

Okay, good to know! I also tried viewing one of the links in webview and had no problem with it :slight_smile: