"Stacked initial view" not working


I have set authentication in my app and set the initial view to a page called [splash screen].

Starting on the initial view [splash screen], I have the following pages still inside the “initial view stack”:

[splash screen][tour 1 page][tour 2 page][tour 3 page][welcome page][login page]

On the [login page], when I tap the Sign in button and call the Dismiss initial view, I would expect dismiss the whole previous stack and show the [Logged Home page].

But after click the Sign in button I only see I kind of refresh of the [login page] and not showing the [Logged Home page].

Can the Initial view be a stack of pages ? Should the Dismiss initial view dismiss all the pages and show the Initial page ?

PS.: All the pages in the Initial view stack are set to allow access without authentication.

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Check in the Navegation Menu if your Home Page is the one you want. Try to set it again (inmy case I have to enable it again, change the page and then disable it again since I use my own navegation).

Hi @Serge_Angeloz1 ,

Following your instructions it worked when Navigation menu is enabled.

But in case of having the Navigation menu disabled, the Dismiss initial view doesn’t work.

Should it work without a Navigation menu as well ?

Best Regards.

Yes it must work.

First I enable the Menu Navegation, set the home page and then I have disabled the Navegation again.

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In all my apps I use custom Navegation…