Starting Page different than Main Page

Hello!, I was trying to make starting page (when the user opens app for the first time) different than the main page, which I want him to see every next time he opens this app. I was trying to do this with on-device storage data, like on this photo, but it was laggy and buggy. Is there better way to do this?

Date resource configuration below


Storage is the fastest way to do this - when the user has gone through the starting page once, save that info in the storage using the “set item in storage” flow function, and on subsequent openings of the app, check this storage value and open the correct page.
To avoid flickering, you can try showing a full-page spinner with the “Show spinner” flow function while the data is still being fetched. I’ve added an example flow: in this case, once the user is done with the Starting page, I’m setting a storage value named “loggedIn” to true. I also added another button to set it to false, in case there needs to be an option to access the starting page again.

On the starting page, I’m using a flow like this to make the transition smooth:

Note that the If condition formula will give warnings - we can ignore those, as we know that the only values that are being sent into storage are true/false.

Let me know if this helped you!