Static images have disappeared (access denied)


Static images have disappeared (access denied) although we didn’t make any change to the app.



Is this a known issue?

Hi @Lucien_Tavano1, thanks for letting us know about this issue, we are not aware of this happening before. You haven’t made changes to this app, but have you deleted any other projects in Composer lately or taken any other destructive action?

Hi @Mari, thank you for your message.

No we haven’t deleted anything in our account.

Hi @Lucien_Tavano1, thanks for the reply. Will you be able to fix the issue by reuploading the assets?

We were unfortunately not able to replicate the issue, but we are soon rolling out a completely reworked asset manager, which should ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Hi @Mari, yes uploading again the asset fixes the issue, I was just hoping I could get away without having to do that ^^

Great, looking forward to the new asset manager!

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