Step by step for beginners - Register user with Firebase

Hello there,

I’ve tried all the topics on this forum to set-up user registration with my app but with no luck.

Can someone create a step by step walkthrough how to register a user with Firebase?

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Hi, we were discussing the same, have you checked out this one?

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I’ve tried following it, but i am doing something wrong.

I am not understanding the part where the email and password fields are bound to the flow function. My interface doesn’t give me anything that looks like the picture where you create an object with two properties.

Hi Guys,

Can you please check if you can see this in the marketplace?
Add Data Source → Marketplace → Search for: d-a1a6fba3-caef-42c7-be16-463eaf3cc7d1

Hi, i need too and i have reply your steps , but i recive one error:

the login authentication work fine…

I found this in web:

If the response body has ADMIN_ONLY_OPERATION or an error 400 ADMIN_ONLY_OPERATION is returned from login_failed signal, Anonymous Sign-in has not been enabled in your project settings.
To do so, go to Authentication > Sign-in method inside your project and enable Anonymous

Test API call response is Status OK.

Hi! If you still have this problem, it’s probably best to start by checking your settings – can you send screenshots about the set-up steps as in Atakan’s guide (blurring out api key) so we can have a look if there’s a typo or something else.