Steve Stava's youtube series "becoming a nocoder"

Basically, I’m pretty sure I’ve been following this tutorial to a T, but certain things will not happen on my version (I’m using Windows 10/PC and he’s on a Mac)… any one else on here having trouble trying to get the same results from what he’s doing?

Any one know how to fix these issues to where I can get the same results?

I’m currently on the 3rd video - and so far I have 2 inconsistencies - the first being that my search field at the top is useless as my app has all my todo list automatically displayed. second I just had the top search field locked to the top so when you scroll down, nothing happens and now while progressing through the video, it is no longer locked down… (I might be able to fix the latter though).

Hang in there Loren! I have included my recent response to your Youtube comment/question on this topic. I hope this gets you to a fix.

It is that last 0.1% that will get you :slight_smile: You will want to step through each key part. Such as, are you using the event trigger for “filter_text” changed? To confirm that it is working, consider adding an Alert flow function to the trigger and display the filter_text info in the Alert. Every time you type a character the alert should pop up and show the letter you pressed.

If that is working then make sure that the data being sent to Xano contains that text. You can use the Alert approach to debugging for each key step of the search filter process.

Also, what happens when you manually test the search api in AppGyver? You should be able to add the “og” to the test of the api in the Appgyver Data tab and see the filtered response come back.

If the response coming back has all the tasks then the problem is with your Xano API.

Go to Xano and do the run/debug with the “og” filter and see if it returns the filtered list or the whole list.

If it returns the whole list then you don’t have the filter defined in the query all records.

This is the approach you will want to use anytime you think something isn’t working.

You have probably seen me do some very similar steps in my videos. The best/only way to be successful with your no-coding adventure is to learn to debug step-by-step when something isn’t working :slight_smile: Best of luck and keep the questions coming!!


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I noticed while in Xano, GET: Query all todo record in the function stack when we were creating the variable queryFilter, then concatinating % it appeared different on the actual function stack (the part where we had to move the create variable part of the function stack above the query all records from todo part of the function stack…

Sorry for the two part reply… im trying to see if i cant attach a pic to this so you can see what ive got.

This is what i have…

Yours just says percent then concat in blue. Mine is different in the function stack…

I kept trying and went back a bit… probably did some more damage…

here’s what I got in Xano - once again, probably set myself back a bit trying to get it to work… followed as best I could, even went and wrote notes down step for step so I could try to emulate what you did since when I jump from the window with the youtube vid on it back to Xano, it resets my variable creation and I gotta start over.

Here’s what I have been doing in Xano…

You need to have the Create Variable before the Query all records. The queryFilter variable is used in the Query all records line, so the variable needs to be created before it is used n the queryFilter. See if that gets you a bit closer.


Mine is missing a password in the output…

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this is video 5… the previous stuff wasn’t really relevant to what I’m trying to create… so I skipped ahead a bit…

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I figured it out… I just had to click the little customize button in the upper right corner to get the password to show.


I agree with Steve’s approach - things are evolving quickly with both Xano and AppGyver. Also, and I mentioned this in some of Steve’s videos on YT - I learn more from the mistakes that just pounding out the lesson, sounds (and looks) like you got some benefit from this as well. I hope you are not discouraged, but instead encouraged to continue your journey!

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