Sticky header, html messed up and Cloning app

  1. can I have a header on all the pages which I can stick to all the pages?

  2. My html is coming like this. What should I do? Getting data from an api.

  1. I read one of the post where you you said that you can clone the app and it will work exactly same. What if I just want to change one parameter like “user id” in the global page which fetches all the details and change the app using the api. Is that possible?
  1. A custom header on all pages will be possible with
  2. HTML is rendered as text with the text components – you can either use to strip the HTML, or then wait until I get the HTMLView component released which will allow many kinds of HTML to be rendered as native elements – hoping to get that out next week
  3. If you mean you’d have and deployed from the same app with just a single ID changed – the only way to do that is to change e.g. an app variable that has an initial value manually before each build. The new feature for this would be environment variables that can be defined in the build service, plus multiple build targets from the same app. For web, an alternative would be to read the user ID from a query parameter, e.g. add ?user_id=1234 to the URL will make 1234 available under the user_id page parameter.
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