Sticky note feature request

I’m starting to think of what it will take to train in someone to maintain this app I’ve built, and it would be AWESOME if I could drop sticky notes into the function flow chart. Even better if I could change the note’s color. That would be the AppGyver equivalent of commenting out notes in the code.

I’ve never even thought of that (sticky notes, specifically), but I do improvise from time to time, planting an unconnected event node or the like and marking a reminder to do something next time.

You know, I could have sworn Appgyver had an internal note-taking tab somewhere when I first joined in September. Or maybe, it was another app-builder platform…

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That’s a great idea. Could you please add this idea to the Tracker ( as a feature request, with any additional notes/hopes you may have and link it here? Then others could also comment directly on the feature ticket. We will definitely consider putting this on our near-term roadmap.


If you do, @Erin_Wagner, drop the link, if you don’t mind. I’ll upvote that.


Here you go @Dominik_Greene: