Still trying to figure out how to use app brought to foreground via url

I have read all the existing threads and have still been unable to find an answer to this question. There are multiple possible page params which could be used to open the app. I need to be able to check which param is being used in the link to define which logic is used and which page i need to forward the user to. How can I check not the value of the param but the key itself. What I am trying to impliment is some way a story can be shared like on any web page. If someone writes a story, and shares the link, when someone clicks on it, I need the app to open to that page. The link could be either a link to a story, in which case it will have the param postId,or it could be a video, in which case it would have the param videoId. How can I check in the formula which param is in the url??? Thank you for any help.

Hi! So as I understand and following the schema represented in the docs, what you want to do is check which params you get?

I would do this by taking the params Object and using the KEYS to get its keys in an array, and then probably use a formula like SOME to check if a certain key is in it. Hope this helps you get forward?

Note that the “open app to a page” is currently painful to do as you can’t use a formula to decide which page to open. There are some solutions for this on the forums, see e.g. here.

thank you. I think I figured out how to check which params is used and how to get the value, but I am still at a loss as to where in the flow function any logic should go to interrupt all the other logic. And what is the link to the initial page is not shared, but a link to the actual page someone is one such as people would do on any website? So far I have not been able to get the params passed to an inner page to carry over to the initial page when it auto redirects someone to the initial page. If it did not redirect someone to the initial page it would be a little simpler. What we need is a simple react native for web router for browser.

Hmm… What are you intending to do that needs to interrupt all other logic?

Just as a warning, it’s not possible to interrupt other logic - but if you have ongoing (looping) logic in your app, you could add an app variable that is checked in each loop that you can toggle to true/false when you want the logic to stop.

One way to pass the necessary params from the initial page to wherever you want to pass them is setting them to another app variable, which you can then use on any page.

The core issue here is that since we use React Native as our base technology, the apps made on our platform are by default leaning mobile-first rather than web-first. We have tried (and are still working on) making the web apps as equal as we can, but that is the reason why things that are very simple on web-first applications are more complex on our platform.

Well, I would need to be able to tell whether the app is opened via an url and forward to the page the url was meant to open. Haven’t you guys ever clicked a notification or am url and opened an app to the specific page? All the big apps do this. I don’t understand why nobody has been trying to do this in appgyver.