Stock price and other stock data via API

Hi All,

I’m interested in integrating stock prices, and potentially other stock data into my app. I am trying to us the IEX API as my source, but have not had any luck with my run test for the data variable. Any help is appreciated.


Could you take a screenshots of your Data resource configuration? It’s hard to say what could be wrong without more info. Also, did you check their guide to REST APIs?

I was able to figure this out, but then I ran into some other issues and my app is down now. When I get back to this stage I’ll post the solution.

This is working now as configured and shown below.

What I need to do now is pull the {symbol} in the base url from a different API source (Airtable) and use it to get the correct IEX record. I’m already pulling in the Airtable record to the page. I just need to figure out how to reference the symbol in Airtable. Do I need to set a page parameter that references the symbol within the page or add a step to the logic? Not sure what the next step is.

You should make the symbol URL placeholder not static and not optional. Then when you use Get record Flow function, you have to add the symbol value to properties bar. (That value can be e.g. Page variable, output from the different API source or whatever way you feel it’s easy to put there.)


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I set the symbol URL placeholder to not static, not optional. I have it working. I don’t know if the setup in the image below is ideal, but it works. It’s telling me that symbol is required and url_id is obsolete, but the way it’s set up I have to leave those as is for it to work.