Stop a flow and url parameters

Hey guys, first of all, thanks for your service, AppGyver is awesome. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Now, do we have already a way to stop a flow? (I saw the question here)

I’m trying to get passwordless login for a web app working and I had a hard time extracting the URL parameters from the email. The only way I could do it was using a JS logic block containing:

if (typeof self.window.location.href !== undefined) {
return { result: self.window.location.href };

But I wish I could do two things with the above:

1 - If the URL is empty, just stop the flow, don’t execute an unecessary API call
2 - It would be great to extract the token object here, without the need for a “formula” input

I am using:


If I manage to get it all working, I’ll post it here since I couldnt find any video or tutorials about it.