Stop Geolocation Poller Not Working

Hi there,

Unless I’m missing something, the ‘Stop Geolocation Poller’ doesn’t work, or has some requirements beyond that I can find in the documentation.

I can start polling fine and have set up a button with logic that then links to the stop polling box but sadly it doesn’t seem to stop the polling.

Tested in the AppGyver app on iOS and have also tested on Android and no joy…

Any help welcome!



Could you provide some more information, like screenshots of the logic you are trying to run, or the app ID so I can take a look at the logic. - You can find the app ID from the composer URL: builder/applications/<app ID>/pages/1. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I just saw this. The app ID is 174958.

@David_Brown Thanks, I’ll take a look!

@David_Brown Sorry for the wait, I got side tracked.
:thinking: I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary on the app - One thing you could do to debug this, and in the future, is that you can add a paragraph to the page and then bind the paragraphs content to a formula, and using the ENCODE_JSON formula function see what the sensorVars.geolocation object contains. And there is a active key that tells if the poller is on or not. So if it does not change once you press the stop geolocation poller flow, then the flow does not work, if it does change the active to false then you might have problem somewhere else. :slight_smile: Hope this helps, and please tell me if you still need help!

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