Storage - Set Item + Get Item - with JSON feeds

I’m struggling to work out how to save an HTTP GET results into an array/object using Storage.

I have button where I do an HTTP GET to download a JSON feed. This retrieves a JSON feed - an array of 250 objects, each with 4 fields.

Currently I do the following, which works, however I don’t save to storage. I want to replace this methodology to use Storage instead:

  • create App Variable “MyVar” → “list of objects with N properties”.


  • Button tap
  • SetAppVariable = [ ] (empty the var)
  • DATA HTTPGET (url)
  • SetAppVariable =
    AssignedValue: Formula:“outputs[“HTTPGET”].resBodyParsed”

I then use this MyVar local variable do do some things later on, with a different button press, iterating records correctly in JS, etc

However, how would I get this into storage instead?

I’ve tried the following, but it doesn’t work


  • Event → “App Launched” → “Get Item From Storage”: key:“allmyvars”
  • SetAppVariable, VariableName:“MyVar”, AssignedValue: output from previous? formula:
    inputs[“Get item from storage”].item?


  • Event → “App Variable ‘MyVar’ changed”
  • → Storage: Set Item to storage: “key”:‘allmyvars’, “Data To Store”: Output another node: Receive Event: Event Object

Many thanks,