Store images on-device/ in app?


Is it possible to store images I use in the app / on-device so it does not have to take some seconds before the images are loaded?

  • Kai

Mevi has the right answer (i had missunderstood the question )

This is possible. Use either get/set storage flow functions or make an On-device Storage type resource under the Data tab and use that :slight_smile:

Mevi, is there a rule of thumb as to the limit of images that can be saved locally?

Is there a good tutorial video that I can guide myself by to download and upload images from Firebase (Google)?

Thnks in advance Mevi



Mmmm well if you save a lot of images locally, they start taking up memory, and if the user does not have much space left on their phone they might be unable to use it or will end up uninstalling the app when it takes too much space. So I would recommend not going over the top with this. I haven’t done any testing myself though, so I don’t know for sure. Depends on the size of the images, I think a couple of tens of MBs is no problem but if you have several hundreds of MBs or even a GB it’s too much.

I don’t think we have a video on that :thinking: Here we have this very large tutorial on firebase API setup in general, but if you’ve already completed that, the docs on upload/download files are here. And general guidance on upload files is here.