Store result in data and show on other page

Hi, i am new to this here but i have done a lot the first day now.

But i have 1 Problem i cannot solve:
I do a calculation with 2 input fields, a calc button and a result view.
Its working! Now i wanna store this result in data. so that after new start, data will be there. And this data has to be shown on second page, overview page.
I tried so much but cannot get it work.
Any Ideas?

you could use the appgyver database to store it (but it’s for hobby-use only)
You have to go to data in top menu and click on add data resource. then you choose e.g. the appgyver database. You have to write sth. into the Resource id. description is not neccessary. then you have to click on add property. At key (on the right bar) you can e.g. write “result”. It defines the property name. At Title you could write the same. Now you have your Database to store the data.

To store the data, you have to firstly create a data variable at the page where you have your result. (choose new data record)
Then you can use the create record logic to store your data. The resource name is the data resource that you have created at the previous steps. At Record properties you have to bind your result. The easiest way i think is to create a safe button which is pressed to store your data. There you can put the logics.
To show the data on a second page you have to create a data variable there and choose collection of data records. Then you can e.g. place a paragraph. click on the repeat with function of the right bar and choose data variable and then your data variable. Next step is click on Label in the right bar and choose “property of data item in repeat”. then you click on current and then select the property. (not id).
Now your result should be shown.

I hope this would help you and sorry for my bad english

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Hi, Thank you very much for your answer!!!
Are you german?

I have done it and it is working. So great to see it works.
BUT: it shows all the Data, that is stored on the server. I have several results now, listed on a long List. But i only need the actual result shown on the second screen. Is there also a possibility to do that?

Thanks for your Help!

Yes, I am German :wink:

For your problem you could use a filter. At the filter you can set that it only should show one result. Maybe there is also a filter to only show the latest record. But I didn’t found.
Or maybe it is possible that the records In database are deleted and replaced with the new one automatically, if you get a new Result.

But I also trying to build exactly such a thing on my website/app, but at this time I don’t know how.

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Hi! Not sure exactly what you want, but yes you can choose which data record you want to show, that would be done with choosing “one” type data variable etc. We have tutorials regarding data here and here and in the onboarding bar on the bottom of your screen in Composer that cover these topics :slight_smile: