Storing a single value on client side with new plugin

I suspect this is a bug or I am misunderstanding how this is supposed to work.

So here is what I am trying to do:

I want to store a single text value on the offline storage of the app. Let’s call it FOO.
The value should be available even AFTER the app has been closed and launched again.

To do this, I created a on device storage:

Then I created following logic:

However when I want to read the stored value, I am suddenly asked an ID.

How can I get the value of FOO when I press the READ button?

Expected behaviour:
I save something with a ID like “FOO” and the value of “BAR”.

After I re-launch the app, I add a global logic that looks for “FOO” and then finds me the value.

Right now I am unable to do this.

I’ve ended up putting the functionality together with LOCAL STORAGE plugin, however this used to work perfectly on the “client side storage” with the official tutorial (voiced by a lady).

Hi, if you just want to save one value the “Set item to storage” and “Get item from storage” flows from the marketplace could be the easiest solution! :slight_smile:

The “Get record” node for on-device storage does expect that you have the value of id saved somewhere to fetch the record, you can’t fetch it with the value of any other property like foo (unless you get the whole collection first).

Thank you for the message.

The “client side storage” that was replaced by “on device storage” used to do that if I remember correctly?

I have an app that uses this method, the second app that I’ve made can’t do it because the “client side storage” was suddenly not available?

Shouldn’t these type of breaking changes be announced prominently or am I missing something?

I nearly gave up because of this.