Storing sensor data

I can activate location polling with a button, but am stuck with how to store the data so I can retrieve and keep track of a user’s location. Thank you

When you say “store”, store where? You could just use Set item to storage to save the array of sensorVars.geolocation.values to device persistent storage and retreive it from there – tweaking the arguments of Start geolocation poller should get the array of past locations into the desired format.

Thank you. I will test.

New topic: I have Airtable working on all of the tests and the schema and data show up in the Data Configurator. Just cannot get data to show up on the app. Account 95940, page 20, AirTable List. Would be grateful for any help.

Thank you

Just checked it, seems to work at least on web. :thinking: Did you find the issue?

Looks like the issue is extra characters in the base URL:




at the end of the URL, which gets evaluated as %20/ on web and %20%5C on iOS. Need to add proper validation to the REST configurator, but fixing the URL should work!

Thanks Harri. One more for you on REST. Cannot get the API to work connecting to my Knack database. I have all of the info in the Data area under “Knack.” Perhaps you could give it 30 seconds and see if you spot anything. Would be greatly appreciated. Account 95940.

When I say “store” I want to collect data from sensorVars.geolocation from the user and save in a table. For example, every 15 minutes, the user’s phone would transmit the geolocation data and I would save username, lat, lng, etc in a row in a table. Best way to do this?

Hi @George_Pillari,

Just wondered if you managed to figure this out? We’re looking at implementing something similar.

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I added an answer here: Logging data out from Geolocation Poller to external data store (JSONbox)