Strange behaviour of Dropdown - selected value


I am facing a strange situation the web preview for a simple dropdown:
If I select a value, the event “onChange” is executed. However, the “selected value” property of the dropdown still has the old value. When I put a 500ms delay into retrieving the value, its fine.
Why is the event firing before the internal selected value updated?
And how can I implement this reliably?

Thanks and best,

I think it’s because the Event fires to signal that it’s “about to change”… which is counter-intuitive to me

If this is the case, how do can I then do something based on a newly selected value? Do I need to add a “doitnow” button in addition?


If you. have bound the dropdown value to a variable, you can instead use the Receive event node and set it to page var __ has changed to make sure that the value is updated before anything happens further.